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Kimberly Kills Cam Shows Live on Skype

 Have you ever wanted to just get me alone in a room just the two of us… lol Well. Maybe you have ha ! but.. If you havent , and you are at a distance .. Theres another way

We could cam together on skype !

Don’t have  Skype ? awww ( if not click here to download Free Video Chat Software  Skype

I get alil fed up having all these cam sites pinching my pennies so Im experimenting with this option…

I’m offering this service to those gentlemen that might like to SCHEDULE an online video chat play time ❤ With Myself and all my big toys

First , you’d have to send me an email requesting a show to


Please note, of course this system is imperfect so I may not see your email right away, So please make requests at least 2 hours in advance, minimum!

15 -20 minutes  for 20$   We’ll say thats good for about 30 minutes if you’d like to stay and chat that long ❤  ; )  After We’ve corresponded via email I will send you this linked button below , or you may pay ahead of time also, but I wont require payment upfront.


Chicago / It’s cold


Late Dec 2011, Chicago : photo taken by Jasmine Jewels

” Just a smoke ”

revisitation of my old blogs

lol I always tell myself that I should blog more, get my affiliate stuff sorted , post about my recent travels films and photo shoots. . . But in this internet age, I’m finding I’m just not much for blogging and all the cyber details. . . But in a last ditch effort I’ll be going thru my blogs and half set up site stuff all over online and trying to get them up to date and sync’d together. lol We’ll see how it goes though right /

Shooting for Kink.com next tuesday !

Dued ! Im totally shooting for TsSeduction Next tuesday ! About a week ago I went into Kink.com for an interview and Recently heard back from them that I would be shooting for them !

The 26th is D day baby . WUFF .

The tension is building, I haven’t been laid in days…
running around in the punk scene since I arrived in Oakland has kept me tight, and ready. Smashing into the many inked out youths in all their sweat and sexy . So Far, I havent even made it into SF very much , this place is just … preoccupying somehow. Its like punk rock therapy for me I dunno, anyways…

on the 26th I get let loose on some poor soul for Kink.com’s site http://TsSeduction.com

Since I started porn I’ve had my eyes on their site, wanting to be ready to rock it, I think I’ve got the edge now so I went for it. The interview was cool, Like how I imagined a interview to shoot a porn should be.

Man I cant wait. lol . Fuck. I think this last ten days I might totally deny myself and sexual satisfaction, I do however need to be well teased So… hmmmm

Also worth Noting :
The 2 scenes I shot in LA 2 for Joey Silvera & Evil Angel , One scene is a solo where I ( of course ) fuck a giant buttplug ( yes bigger than any Ive used on film, yet ) and the second being a Hardcore scene where I play a dirty cop that gets whats cumming to her.

and the Hardcore for Devil’s Films where I play a CheerLeader that gets molested by her big bad big coach & ride a yet still even Bigger Giant buttplug, what Can I say I love having huge things up my ass , lol .

Anyways so those scene should all be cumming out on DVD and availible for Video On Demand sites anytime now. When I see em I’ll ad in a link

and then there was Kills

My name is Kimberly, many of you will know me by the name Kimberly Kills . . .

I am a traveler, a lover, and a free spirit

my current path is that of a sexual muse of sorts,   as and adult model and sometimes entertainer.

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